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Josiah Shand's Scholarship-winning video

How to apply

Students are selected by identifying to the foundation, the number of hours they have left to complete, the amount of tuition, and a letter from the school confirming the students eligibility for graduation.  

 Upon graduation the students will have 60 days to provide proof of completion, do a one minute video presentation and a minimum three paragraph story on how the foundation helped them.  In addition the students will volunteer at least 40 hours to assist the foundation in it's quest.

 scholarship recipients

James Eliassant

Florida International University

Through our foundation, James Eliassant received $6783.81

Jason Mcpherson

Miami Dade College

Through our foundation, Jason Mcpherson received $5,578.08

Endwell Chimara

Florida A&M University

Through our foundation, Endwell Chimara received $3589.00.

Braxton Linton

Florida State University

Through our foundation, Braxton Linton received $2624.00

Kimberly Rolle

Florida A&M University

Through our foundation, Kimberly Rolle received $800.00

Corey Ashmeade

University of Florida

Through our foundation, Corey Ashmeade received $1411.00

Meagan Taylor

Florida A&M University

Through our foundation, Meagan Taylor received $2328.00

Ramiya Thicklin

University of Central Florida

Through our foundation, Ramiya Thicklin received $3568.00

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